Golestanian Swimmer Simulations on a spherical fluid interface

Soft Matter / Quantitative Biology / Scientific Computing

The Golestanian Swimmer is a simple swimmer that leverages non-reciprocal motion to move through viscous media. Our three bead swimmer is propelled by the two oscillating harmonic springs that hold it together. The phase offset of the tethers, create the non-reciprocality that leads to motion. We account for the hydrodynamic interactions between the particles and the manifold as well as natural diffusivity of the swimmers. To model the fluid interactions we develop a fluctuating hydrodynamics approach based on a stochastic immersed boundary method for curved fluid interfaces. Using computational simulation of these swimmers, we investigate the role of fluid viscosity on the speed of the swimmers when moving through a spherical fluid interface. We find that accounting for hydrodynamics is necessary in order for swimmers to "swim". Furthermore, lower viscosities lead to increased swimming velocity.

Golestanian Swimmers leverging hydrodynamic interactions to traverse the sphere. Notably, the swimmers do not "swim" when hydrodynamics are not accounted for.